Art, passion and the search for the why
Why the book?
I have been training for 9 years and have been teaching at LOOP Martial Arts for about 3. I have always wanted to make sense of the art of Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) or more simply Jiujitsu and wanted to understand the WHY of such technique or such guard. The book is a way of spreading and sharing my vision and my understanding of jiujitsu. It is designed as a learning aid, something to go back to after training.

The book is like jiujitsu: it is simple. 18 principles explained with examples and photos (2 per principle) to better understand what is going on.
Trying to learn the art of jiujitsu by just practising and mastering every possible technique will be overwhelming to just about anybody. That is why I love to think of the art in principles: the why over the how.

When I think about jiujitsu, I think in patterns. Re-occuring patterns throughout the art. I believe this is the reason why jiujitsu is unlimited: create your own using principles and body movements, make it endless, make it yours.

You're welcome.
Why principles?
In essence, jiujitsu is a combination of principles and body movements.
Antti Mannila
Owner & Head Coach @ Loop Martial arts
BJJ Second degree Black Belt
"Understanding concepts is often assumed to be a skill for more experienced practitioners (let's be clear that by experienced I mean brown/black belts), but from years of teaching beginner courses, as well as more experienced practitioners, I have come to the conclusion that it is not so black and white.

Even beginners can understand concepts if they are taught in a way that is easy to understand and internalize. Especially if they can be repeated and studied outside of class. This is why I am very happy that Johan wrote this book."
Rotation beats extension
"In a torreando pass scenario: your legs are getting extended and your opponent rotates around them."
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The real deal if you want to gain a better understanding of the art, with a little extra from the author!
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The same as the original in its downloadable format for those living a paper free lifestyle.
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I specificially designed over 20 training blocks divided into 5 and 10 training sessions to improve your jiujitsu at a faster rate than you usually would. These blocks are the fruit of my constant learning and teaching, following a problem solving and principle based approach to jiujitsu. I will give you the tools to build your own jiujitsu - your techniques - whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned competitor.

The Systematized Training blocks include:
Pin Escapes, Guard Retention, Sweeping Mastery, Joint Locks, Strangles, Open Guard Revisited, Half Guard Passing, and much more...

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What do they say about me?
Johan Jaumain
Writer, teacher and practitioner of the art
Johan is a jiujitsu Brown Belt under Antti Mannila and trains out of LOOP Martial arts in Helsinki, Finland.

In addition to training and teaching to both intermediate and advanced practitioners at LOOP Martial Arts, he works as a sports massage therapist and Etiopath helping people get out of pain at KelpoKeho.
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